BRIDNA PPS1200-3 1200W Portable Power Station

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Specification: PPS1200-3 1200W+SP200 200W Solar Panel

PPS1200-3 1200W+SP200 200W Solar Panel
PPS1200-3 10008Wh 1200W
PPS1200-3 1008Wh 1200W
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  • 1200W Pure Sine Wave
  • 1008Wh LiFePO4 Battery
  • 700W AC Charing, 90 Mins to 100%
  • LiFePO4 Battery ≥2500 Cycles@70% SOH
  • 14 Output Ports for Multiple Devices
  • Support 400W Solar Charging
  • UPS Seamless Transition
  • 24 + 12 Month Warranty


BRIDNA PPS1200-3 is a robust 1200W portable charging station designed for your power needs. Equipped with a high-capacity 1008Wh LiFePO4 battery, this powerhouse ensures reliable and efficient energy storage.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Charging Ports:
- 4 AC Ports: Power up your appliances and devices effortlessly.
- 4 USB-A Ports: Charge multiple USB devices simultaneously.
- 2 TYPE-C Ports: Stay compatible with the latest gadgets.
- 1 DC Output: Ideal for DC-powered electronics.
- 2 A DC5521 Output Ports: Additional options for your convenience.

2. Massive Battery Capacity:
- The built-in 1008Wh LiFePO4 battery provides ample power for various applications.

3. Portable and Reliable:
- Perfect for outdoor adventures, camping, and as a backup power supply at home.
- Compact design for easy transport and storage.

4. Universal Compatibility:
- Compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, making it a versatile power solution.

5. Efficient and Convenient:
- Reliable power source for your travel and emergency needs.
- Charge multiple devices simultaneously for added convenience.

- Outdoor Travel: Keep your devices powered during camping trips and outdoor adventures.
- Home Emergency Backup: Ensure you have a reliable backup power source in case of outages.
- On-the-Go Charging: Stay charged while traveling or during road trips.


More Charging Modes

- 700-Watt AC Wall Outlet:
- Power up your devices with the 700-watt AC wall outlet, ensuring you have the energy you need for laptops, chargers, and more.

- Solar Power Charging:
- Embrace sustainability with support for up to 400-watt solar panels. Harness the power of the sun for an eco-friendly energy source.

- On-the-Road Charging:
- Keep your adventure going with 24-volt vehicle charging compatibility. Charge up while you're on the move and never miss a moment.

- Designed for Convenience:
- Compact and portable design for easy transport, ensuring you have reliable power wherever your journey takes you.


Important Instructions for Your Power Station:

Safety Guidelines:
1. Temperature Sensitivity:
- This power station contains a lithium battery sensitive to high temperatures. Keep it away from direct fire or any heat sources.

2. Moisture Prevention:
- Avoid exposure to moisture or water to ensure the device's proper functioning.

3. Avoid Tampering:
- Do not disassemble, puncture, incinerate, or insert foreign objects into the power station.

4. Avoid Damage:
- Prevent crushing, bending, shredding, dropping, or placing heavy objects on the device.

5. Check for Damage:
- Do not use the product if it shows signs of damage or punctures.

6. Regular Charging:
- Charge the unit every three months, even if not in use, to maintain optimal performance.

Maintenance and Storage Tips:
1. Power Off During Inactivity:
- When not in use for extended periods, power off the unit and disconnect the AC adapter from the outlet.

2. Regular Charging for Storage:
- Charge the unit to 80% capacity every 3-6 months during long-term storage.

3. Battery Life Extension:
- Recharge the power station when the battery capacity drops to 20% to extend its overall life.

4. Gentle Cleaning:
- Clean the unit with a dry cloth gently and carefully.

5. Avoid Stacking:
- Do not stack anything on top of the unit, whether in storage or during use.

6. Ideal Storage Conditions:
- Store in a dry and cool place with a temperature range between -20℃ to 60℃ and humidity between 20% to 85% RH.

7. Avoid Corrosive Substances:
- Keep the unit away from corrosive substances, fire, and heat sources.

Follow these guidelines for the safe and efficient use, maintenance, and storage of your power station. Your safety and the longevity of the device are our top priorities.

Tech Specs

Product Specifications

BRIDAN PPS1200-3 Portable Power Station

Battery Info


Battery Type:LiFePo4

Life Cycles:2,500+ Cycles to 70% Original Capacity

Shelf-life:Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months

Management System:MPPT Controller, BMS, UPS, etc.


AC Output:4 × 110V, 60Hz, 1200W

Inverter Type:Pure sine wave

Surge Power:2400W

USB-C Port(×2):

2 × PD60W Max (5V3A&9V3A&12V3A&15V3A&20V3A PD3.0)

USB-A Port:

2 × QC18W Max (5V3A & 9V2A & 12V21.5A QC3.0)

2 × 5V2.4A Auto ((5V3A&9V2A&12V2A QC3.0)

DC Output:

2 × 13.8V/10A Rated Output(DC5521)

1 × Cigarette Lighter+


AC Adapter Input:700W

Solar Input:400W

Charging Time

AC Charging(power)

Q:Quick Charging Mode≈1.5-2 Hours

N:Normal Charging Mode≈4-5 Hours

S:Silent Charging Mode≈7-8 Hours

DC Car Charging

DC 12V Car Charging:≈7-8 Hours

DC 24V Car Charging:≈3.5-4.5 Hours

Solar Charging

200WSolar Panel≈7-8 Hours

400WSolar Panel≈4-5 Hours

AC+Solar Charging:≈2.5-3.5 Hours

LED Light

Lighting Power:2W Max

Lighting Mode:3 Levels(L/M/H)+SOS


Pass-through Charging:Yes

Weight:26.5lbs / 12 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH):14.9 x 8.6 x 10.2inches / 38 x 22 x 26cm

Operating Temperature:14-104℉ / -10-40℃

Storage Temperature:-4-104℉ / -20-40℃


CE-EMC, CE-LVD, ROHS, IEC 62368-1, MSDS, UN38.3


Package Contents

1 × AC Power Cord

1 × DC Cable

1 × MC4 Cable

1 × User Manual


Q:How do I know whether my appliance can work well with the power station?

A:Please check the rated label of your device first. If the device's operating power is within 1200W, you can use the device normally.

Q:How long can it run my device?

A:Running time = 1008*90% conversion rate / Device Rated Power

Please Note:The formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.

Q:How to set the automatic shutdown time?

A:To enable automatic shutdown on the 1200W portable power station, perform the following steps:

  1. Long press the USB button.
  2. Observe the LCD screen.
  3. If it displays "1.0H" the power station will automatically shut down after one hour.
  4. If it displays "12H" the power station will automatically shut down after twelve hours.

This feature allows you to set a specific time duration for the power station to operate before automatically turning off, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Q:Why is there any sound during use or charging?

A:This product with intelligent temperature control system, built-in fans help our product to get better cooling and securting usage, slight noise is normal during using or charging.

Q:Can i charge the power station while a device is plugged in?

A:Yes. this unit support Pass-Through Charging, you can simultaneously charge other devices while recharging the power station.

Q:What kind of solar panel should be chosen for solar charging of this device?

A:Please ensure that your solar panel aligns with the open circuit voltage of DC12-60V. The maximum solar input power supported by the power station is 400W. We recommend utilizing solar panels with a capacity of 200W-400W, and you have the option to connect up to two BRIDNA 200W solar panels for efficient charging.

Solar panels need to be purchased separately Choose Solar Panels

Q:Can it be used to jump start a car? cannot be used to jump start a vehicle.

Q:Why does the power station has the Auto-Sleep mode?

A:To avoid forgetting to turn off the output during use, which will lead to unused battery consumption, this unit will turn to Auto-Sleep Mode when no device is connected or the connected device is less than or equal to a certain value. The unit will automatically shut down after 1 hour.

Q:Is the power station waterproof?

A:NO.please do NOT store it in a humid environment for a long time. Please store it in a dry and cool place.

Q:Are the batteries replaceable or upgradeable?

A:NO.Batteries are built in. NOTE-Opening of the unit will void your warranty.

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