BRIDNA PPS1200-3 Portable Power Station Tech Specs

Product Specifications

BRIDAN PPS1200-3 Portable Power Station

Battery Info


Battery Type:LiFePo4

Life Cycles:2,500+ Cycles to 70% Original Capacity

Shelf-life:Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months

Management System:MPPT Controller, BMS, UPS, etc.


AC Output:4 Γ— 110V, 60Hz, 1200W

Inverter Type:Pure sine wave

Surge Power:2400W

USB-C Port(Γ—2):

2 Γ— PD60W Max (5V3A&9V3A&12V3A&15V3A&20V3A PD3.0)

USB-A Port:

2 Γ— QC18W Max (5V3A & 9V2A & 12V21.5A QC3.0)

2 Γ— 5V2.4A Auto ((5V3A&9V2A&12V2A QC3.0)

DC Output:

2 Γ— 13.8V/10A Rated Output(DC5521)

1 Γ— Cigarette Lighter+


AC Adapter Input:700W

Solar Input:400W

Charging Time

AC Charging(power)

Q:Quick Charging Modeβ‰ˆ1.5-2 Hours

N:Normal Charging Modeβ‰ˆ4-5 Hours

S:Silent Charging Modeβ‰ˆ7-8 Hours

DC Car Charging

DC 12V Car Charging:β‰ˆ7-8 Hours

DC 24V Car Charging:β‰ˆ3.5-4.5 Hours

Solar Charging

200WSolar Panelβ‰ˆ7-8 Hours

400WSolar Panelβ‰ˆ4-5 Hours

AC+Solar Charging:β‰ˆ2.5-3.5 Hours

LED Light

Lighting Power:2W Max

Lighting Mode:3 Levels(L/M/H)+SOS


Pass-through Charging:Yes

Weight:26.5lbs / 12 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH):14.9 x 8.6 x 10.2inches / 38 x 22 x 26cm

Operating Temperature:14-104℉ / -10-40℃

Storage Temperature:-4-104℉ / -20-40℃


CE-EMC, CE-LVD, ROHS, IEC 62368-1, MSDS, UN38.3


Package Contents

1 Γ— AC Power Cord

1 Γ— DC Cable

1 Γ— MC4 Cable

1 Γ— User Manual