BRIDNA PPS600-5 Power Station Help Center

Q:How do I know whether my appliance can work well with the power station?

A:Please check the rated label of your device first. If the device's operating power is within 500W, you can use the device normally.

Q:How long can it run my device?

A:Running time = 512Wh*90%(conversion rate)/Device Rated Power.

Please Note:The formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerator, air conditioners, etc.

Q:Why is there any sound during use or charging?

A:This product is with intelligent temperature control system. The built-in fans will help the product to get better cooling and securing usage. Slight noise is normal during using or charging.

Q:Can I charge the power station while a device is plugged in?

A:YES.this unit support Pass-Through Charging, you can simultaneously charge other devices while recharging the power station.

Q:Can it be used to jump start a car? cannot be used to jump start a vehicle

Q:Why does the power station has the Auto-Sleep Mode?

A:To avoid forgetting to turn off the output during use, which will lead to unused battery consumption, this unit will turn to Auto-Sleep Mode when no device is connected or the connected device is less than or equal to a certain value. The unit will automatically shut down after 1 hour.

Q:Is the power station waterproof?

A:NO.please do NOT store it in a humid environment for a long time. Please store it in a dry and cool place

Q:Are the batteries replaceable or upgradeable?

A:NO.Batteries are built in. NOTE-Opening of the unit will void your warranty.