BRIDNA PPS300-3 Pro Power Station Help Center

Q:Which electronic appliances can I use with the unit?

A:All electronic devices within 300W

Q:What kind of solar panel should be selected to recharge the unit?

A:We recommend a 100W~120W solar panel with the Optimum Operating Voltage(Vmp) of DC13V-24V. Never use a higher than DC24V solar panel to recharge the power station. You need to purchase a solar charging panel separately from the store to solar charge the device.

Q:Why does the unit have the Auto-Sleep Mode?

A:To avoid battery consumption caused by forgetting to turn off the output when not in use, the unit will switch to the Auto-Sleep Mode. That is when the unit detects that no device is connected or the connected devices are less than or equal to 2W, it will automatically shut off after 1 hour.

Q:What kind of "mini-fridge" or "mini cooler" can the unit do?

A:The AC continuous output of the unit is 300W and the battery capacity is 296Wh. It can power any device within 300W. However, the usage time depends on the power of the fridge and the fridge compressor. Normally the power of the compressor is three times that of the fridge.

Q:Is the unit water/weather resistant?

A:NO.Do not expose the unit to water

Q:Can the batteries be replaceable or upgradeable?

A:NO.Batteries are built in. NOTE-Opening the unit will void the warranty

Q:Is there a way to disable a port group?

A:YES.Clicking the button on the port group will disable/enable it. When enabled, an icon appears on the LCD screen

Q:How long will a single charge last without using the unit?

A:3-5 Months.But we suggest you charge the power station every 2 months if not used for a long time. It's better to keep it full energy in case of emergency usage

Q:Does this device support pass-through charging?

A:YES.You can simultaneously charge other devices while recharging the power station.

Q:Can this unit jumpstart a car battery?